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Africa Program Blog: Human Capital and Financing

How African Private Sector is Addressing Obstacles to Growth “Welcome to our conference room,” Steve Beck said, beckoning to couches on the patio of his house-cum-office in Nairobi’s Karen suburb. “The heaters aren’t working at the moment, but would anyone like a Masaai blanket?” Looking out over his backyard, we got the sense this would be ...Read More

Language Immersion in Colombia

A wise Colombian tour guide one said that to speak more than one language is to physically divide oneself in two — and to experience the world as two separate beings. During our time in Cartagena this summer, I couldn’t help but think of the city as having a split personality of its own: so ...Read More

Lauder Africa Program: Updates from the French Language Component

Our Africa immersion started with a 5-week language program. It was a priceless opportunity to practice French, to experience the business environment and the cultures of Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire and Morocco. This has been achieved through various classes (French and African cinema/theatre, political economy and sociology), as well as corporate and cultural visits. From the warm ...Read More

French Program Immersion: Recipe for Success

Ernest Hemingway said that Paris is a moveable feast – and the French track is digging in. An undeniable highlight of our immersion was our cooking class at Ecole Ferrandi. Ecole Ferrandi was established by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1932 and has become one of the top culinary institutes in Paris. Chef ...Read More

New Views of Rio from Vidigal

Eight of us piled into the van, the door held shut with a bungee cord, and we began our ascent up the hill of Vidigal as Brazilian funk music hummed from the radio. We weaved through the narrow streets, past electronic shops, art studios, restaurants, schools, and kids playing soccer on the inclined street. The ...Read More

SAMENA Program: Delhi, old and new

Delhi, old and new. New Delhi, the capital of India, is a slightly schizophrenic, multi-layered city. Its name itself is a topic of discussion. Why is it ‘new’ Delhi? Is there an ‘old’ Delhi? Can you use the name Delhi and New Delhi interchangeably? These questions in themselves hint at Delhi’s convoluted history. The great Mughal ...Read More

Thoughts on Brasília

Brasília is a fever. A cauldron of activity that the Lauder Portuguese programhad the opportunity to experience first hand this July. The city is a fever dream. It’s the execution in the Brazilian planalto of a plan to move the capital that existed for decades. It was the vision of Juscelino Kubitchek for the country to ...Read More

Dubai – Governance behind the city-scape

Standing at the base of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai’s hot and humid summer, we struggled to spot the pinnacle of the tower against the searing sun. Towering at 828 meters (2,716.5 ft.) high, the Burj Khalifa in is the tallest structure in the world. It symbolizes the extreme wealth and grandeur for which the ...Read More

Japanese Program Learnings: Sake

Sake is a traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage. While the word sake in Japanese means ‘alcohol’, it is often used to refer to nihonshu 日本酒, or Japanese rice wine. As part of our Lauder immersion, we took part in a sake tasting event. Like wine, sake has many subtle and complex flavors that require some background ...Read More

German Program: Let’s get it started

Berlin: home of the avant-garde, graffiti, curry wurst, and yes, startups. Throughout our five weeks our German track has explored some of the dynamics for Germany’s many entrepreneurial ventures and dissected both what has caused the influx of such companies and the various alternative paths for growth. On one extreme of the spectrum lie the giants. ...Read More

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