Gastronomy and Global Cities (A Lauder GKL Project)


All Lauder students complete a Global Knowledge Lab(GKL) as part of their International Studies degree. The GKL provides students with the opportunity to develop and integrate their language, managerial and business, and cultural skills within the context of a practical, yet analytical, research undertaking. This past year, students have chosen topics in the areas of Culture & Consumption, Entrepreneurship & Development, New International Investors, Energy & the Environment, and Global Small Business Development. Many of these projects were sponsored and/or directed by outside organizations and all students conduct research and interviews overseas for their GKL.

 A group of students in the Class of 2013 Arabic, Chinese, and Portuguese programs completed their GKL project on gastronomy and global cities. The team’s research focuses on restaurants and chefs in Dubai, Sao Paulo, and Singapore and studies each city in the context of what makes it a “global city,” how high-end gastronomy developed, what challenges and trends each city faces, and how public policy is influencing the gastronomic scene. To learn more about their findings and policy recommendations visit their website: