Insights from our Global Program Director on Sino-Tanzania Relations


Karibu (Welcome) Xi Jinping!  Just 10 days after becoming President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping traveled to Tanzania in March 2013, his first stop on a multi-country Africa tour.  The schedule was no accident.  China and Tanzania have a long-standing positive relationship dating back to the early years of Tanzania’s independence, and China’s early aid – the famous Tanzania-Zambia (TANZAN) railway.  On this trip, Xi Jinping participated in the opening ceremony of the Julius Nyerere Convention Centre, which was also made possible through Chinese loans and aid.  Not everyone is happy however.  Some Tanzanians worry about this relationship and how it will benefit Tanzania today.  Visiting Tanzania this coming July, Regina Abrami, Global Program Director, and this year’s class will be able to examine this issue on the ground.