Lauder Students and the Wharton Experience


One of the most popular questions I receive in Lauder information sessions is about Lauder student involvement in the greater Wharton community. There seems to be a misconception that, because Lauder students are deeply involved in the Lauder community and their Lauder coursework, they somehow miss out on some of the Wharton student experience. This is simply not the case–in fact, it is the opposite! In reality, Lauder students are heavily involved across Wharton, from clubs and conferences to sports and leadership programs. In fact, Meghana Mudiyam is even the EVP of Clubs and Conferences for the Wharton Graduate Association. When answering this question for prospective students in information students I found that examples are the best way to convey how truly involved and committed Lauder students are within Wharton. Up first is Lauder student involvement in social impact and administration/admissions. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks.

Social Impact
Many Lauder students are members of the Wharton Social Impact Club and quite a few also hold leadership positions. Julia Hazen and Chanda Wong are on the Social Impact Club board as International Development Sector Leaders, Liliya Ivanova as a Social Finance Sector Lead, and Nimish Shukla and Carrie Nguyen are Social Entrepreneurship Sector Leads. In addition, Nimish is also Project Manager for Theatre Horizon, as part of Wharton Community Consultants, and Carrie is also the Fundraising Director for the Wharton International Volunteers Program and the External Relations Director for Social Impact Week.

In addition, many Lauder students are also involved with the Wharton Social Venture Fund, including Fabio Saad as the Director of the Investment Committee, Akshay Khanna as VP of the Investment Committee, Tom Kidd as Director of Portfolio Management, and Caroline Merin as VP of Portfolio Management.  Fabio writes, “I am very excited that we have many Lauder 1st years as associates in the Fund (which has a very competitive process for admission). About a fourth of our first years are in Lauder.” Some of these associates include Andrea Vidler, Annie Jonas, Caroline Merin, Allison Silverstein, Liliya Ivanova, and Greg Root. Caroline and her Lauder classmate Eugene Bord were also recently elected to the Nonprofit Leadership Board at Wharton. Dawn Overby and Yinyin Wu were selected to be 2014 Nonprofit Leadership Board Fellows and Andrew Karlin, Julia Hazen, and Melissa Morales are Resident Fellows at the Wharton Social Impact Initiative. Andrew also co-organized the first Wharton Social Venture Business Plan Competition with fellow Lauder student Vasco Bilbao-Bastida.

Several of our students (Wallrick Williams, Carrie Nguyen, Chryssa Rask, Samantha Weisz, and Andrea Vidler) attended the Social Impact Trek to Washington DC this past Friday. In one day, they visited the Inter-American Development Bank, the Grameen Foundation, Accion, the Calvert Foundation, and the Asian Development Bank.

Justin Knapp, Archana Gelda, Daniel Ng, and Christian Dungl are members of the Dean’s Graduate Student Advisory Committee (DGSAC), an independent student group that works directly with the Dean of The Wharton School to plan and implement long-term strategic initiatives. Lauder students, in addition to the many opportunities to get involved with Lauder admissions, are also involved with Wharton admissions and new student activities. Firas Kiyasseh, Katie Littlefield, and Alan Mangels are Admissions Fellows for Wharton and their classmate Mauricio Cordero is part of the Wharton Welcome Committee.

I hope you enjoyed learning about just a few of the many activities Lauder students are in involved in at Wharton. Watch for more to come in the future. Have a great weekend!

Meghan Ellis
Lauder Admissions