Lauder’s thriving partnership with Santander


The Lauder Institute’s partnership with Santander, one of the largest banks in the world, dates back to 2010. Thanks to Santander’s generous gift to the Lauder Institute, we are able to organize an annual workshop and conference on a topic of global significance known as the Globalization Trendlab. Last year’s topic was on reducing poverty and inequality, the year before on sustainability, and the topic for 2014 will be the future of the state. Stay tuned for more details!

Through the gift from Santander, Lauder also organizes a summer institute for business language teachers, and starting in 2014 we are excited to announce that we will also be offering Lauder students a summer fellowship to pursue an entrepreneurial opportunity in emerging economies.

On November 4, Wharton hosted a special signing ceremony in recognition of Santander’s generous gift in support of the Lauder Institute and our thriving partnership. Lauder students were also invited, and they got the opportunity to spend time with Dean Thomas Robertson, Provost Vincent Price, Lauder Director Mauro Guillen, and high-level representatives from Santander.

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