Announcing Culture Quest 2013 – The Orient Express!


We are excited to announce that this year the Lauder Culture Quest will be traveling the “Orient Express”, starting in Vienna and ending in Istanbul! In the Culture Quest tradition, all teams will travel by land between the two cities on a route of their choice, while completing points along the way by participating in challenges. You can follow the students’ journeys here starting on May 15th.


Launched in 2011, the annual Lauder Culture Quest is an experience designed to challenge internationally curious Lauder students to interact personally with the peoples and cultures of various countries in a given region through an exciting 10-day race. Through creativity and resourcefulness, participants demonstrate teamwork by completing challenging tasks that impact local communities in positive ways.  At the culmination of Culture Quest, participants achieve a deeper understanding of the history, cultures, languages, and customs that were hosts to their trek. Previously Culture Quests have taken place in Central America and South Africa.