The Power of the Lauder Network: Landing the Perfect Internship


Prelude: As Wharton students disperse around the world for Spring Break next week, many are doing much more than just lying on the beach. Lauder second year Samantha Weisz describes how she traveled to Peru over break and was able to use the Lauder network to land her ideal internship for the summer.

By Samantha Weisz Lauder/WG’14 (Spanish Track)

Like many Lauder students, I entered the program excited to build on my international work experience and language skills. After carefully considering the universe of possibilities, I determined that Peru would be the most attractive place to complete my internship from both a professional and also a personal perspective since I wanted to work in a fast growing economy that I could imagine living in for the long term.

Although Wharton’s career services offered a relatively limited set of options for such a specific geographic niche, I was able to find a large number of options through the Lauder network. I began understanding the context from Lauder’s dedicated career specialist, Kim Conroy, who visits countries around the world that are of interest to current Lauder students and speaks to us about the professional environment locally. I also did a brief due diligence trip to Peru in January, during which I met with local businesses in the financial services industry and began meeting Lauder alumni.

Next I decided to follow up by visiting Peru over spring break and conducting meetings. Thanks largely to the Lauder network, I was able to fill the entire week with meetings. All of the alumni that I met went above and beyond to introduce and recommend me to relevant contacts. By the end of the week, I’d done several interviews, some of which turned into summer internship offers. Again Lauder alumni stepped in to help me evaluate the offers. Ultimately, I selected Banco de Credito Peru, on the basis that it is one of the strongest local brands and has a reputation for hiring only the best talent.

My summer at Banco de Credito Peru was illuminating, providing the opportunity to work in my target function and geography. Throughout the summer, Lauder alumni continued to meet with me regularly to support my adjustment. It very much set the course for my post-graduation position, in which I will carry out a similar function, while rotating globally. Furthermore, I expect that the experience of adapting professionally to the Peruvian market will be helpful through my career.