Student Post – Sending Lauder Love from Around the World to the Class of 2016


By Sarit Henig, Lauder/Wharton Class of 2015 and member of Lauder’s French program

Lauder Students in Rwanda.  Photo Credit: Emma Gow
Lauder Students in Rwanda.
Photo Credit: Emma Gow

In mid-December, right in the middle of finals and days before the semester ended, we got the list of Round 1 Lauder Class of 2016 admits. We are very excited to meet the newest Lauderites and each admit has a “language buddy” among the current students who reached out to welcome them. We’re here to help the admits through their transition in the coming months before they start in May. I think back to where I was at this point last year—trying to figure out how I was going to wrap up my job, pack my entire life into suitcases, and move across the planet from Israel to Philadelphia in a matter of weeks—and I really appreciate the Lauder students who took the time to speak with me. Especially now that I’m on the other side and see that they reached out during one of the most stressful periods of their first semester. This personal willingness to help made a huge difference for me and showed me from the beginning the warmth and cohesiveness of the Lauder community. My first days in Lauder last May were not too long ago, and I’m really excited for how much the next class has to look forward to- I wish I could experience it all over again!

Lauder students in India. Photo credit: Karine Alyanakian
Lauder students in India. Photo credit: Karine Alyanakian

This year, in addition to the usual outreach we wanted to add our own “welcome committee” twist: a video of us from our winter break travels around the globe sending our Lauder love to the admits. The bravest among us sought thrills on Wharton ventures, while others pursued cultural immersions and treks, and some of us went chasing sunshine on exotic vacations. We sent back snippets of ourselves from the farthest corners of the world covering all 7 continents: mounting to the top of Cotopaxi, chasing kangaroos in Australia, sand-surfing in Dubai, skiing in Austria, ringing in the New Year in Antarctica (which turned out to be warmer than much of the US!), singing with a group of children in Rwanda, trekking all over Southeast Asia…the list of destinations goes on.

Now that we’re back in Philadelphia getting ready for Welcome Weekend, our clips have been compiled into a video welcoming the class of 2016 in multiple languages from multiple places to show the truly global face of Lauder. Despite being far apart on our vastly different winter break adventures, we all share the same warmth welcoming the admits into our extended family. Lauder has been an incredibly significant part of our Wharton experience in pushing us to think from a global perspective and challenge ourselves to be comfortable with what is “foreign”—which simply means unknown. Through the Lauder lens, we’re able to see the varied faces of the world and bring these experiences back with us to shape our lives at Wharton and beyond. Most importantly, we are part of a close-knit community that grows each year. We’re really excited to meet the Lauder class of 2016 and can’t wait for them to start their own amazing two-year ride!


Credit: Sarit Henig but originally posted in the Wharton Journal (