Thoughts from Sidi Bou Said

My Egyptian background has made immersion in North Africa very interesting. It’s given a convenient benchmarking tool for things like cultural traditions and food preferences, or even economic, historical and political profiles, like the role of each country’s respective militaries in the region’s decolonization experiences. Fortunately Egypt’s dialect, understood acrossRead More

Russia: More Than Meets The Eye

Despite much vaunted “stability,” behind the scenes Russian society is changing rapidly. Viewed from America, Russia can sometimes appear stagnant. Even before the crisis in Ukraine seriously exacerbated tensions with both Western Europe and the United States, the Russian economy was slowing down rapidly. According to official figures from Rosstat,Read More

Greetings from the Peru and Updates from our Spanish Program

Greetings from Peru, where the only thing tastier than the ceviche is the pisco! The Lauder Spanish track has been loving life in Lima, learning about the country’s culture, economy, and sociopolitical landscape. After taking language and culture classes every morning at the Universidad del Pacífico in the Miraflores neighborhoodRead More

Lauder Director Mauro Guillen Interviews Panamanian President Alberto Martinelli

The Wharton Global Forum in Panama had an exciting start with Professor Mauro Guillen interviewing the host country’s president: Alberto Martinelli. Professor Guillen and President Martinelli were introduced by Forum Co-Chair, Credicorp bank president Joseph Harari. The one-on-one discussion covered a range of topics concerning the business sector, poverty, LatinRead More

Lauder Students Gain Insights from Civic-Minded Chefs

Famous chefs are not only visionaries and entrepreneurs; they often become civic leaders. A team of Lauder students has investigated the motivations for chefs to be socially engaged and to give back to their communities, both locally and globally. Lauder students Campbell Marshall, Zurine Eguizabal, Azita Habibi, Jacob Whalen, andRead More