Lauder Director Mauro Guillen Interviews Panamanian President Alberto Martinelli

The Wharton Global Forum in Panama had an exciting start with Professor Mauro Guillen interviewing the host country’s president: Alberto Martinelli. Professor Guillen and President Martinelli were introduced by Forum Co-Chair, Credicorp bank president Joseph Harari. The one-on-one discussion covered a range of topics concerning the business sector, poverty, LatinRead More

Lauder to offer a free course on Analyzing Global Trends for Business and Society

Are you a Lauder applicant interested in learning more about the changing global landscape? Or a Lauder alum who wants to brush up on your knowledge of global issues and trends? If so, we have great news! Taught by Professor Mauro Guillen, Director of the Lauder Institute, Analyzing Global TrendsRead More

China Imbalances & The Wharton Global Summit

Lauder was front and center at the December 3rd Wharton Global Summit, the capstone event of  MGMT 611/612 (Managing Established Enterprise/Emerging Enterprises) course that Lauder Director Mauro Guillen and his colleagues from the Management department teach. The theme of the event was “China Imbalances” and Lauder’s Regina Abrami moderated the sessionRead More

Lauder’s thriving partnership with Santander

The Lauder Institute’s partnership with Santander, one of the largest banks in the world, dates back to 2010. Thanks to Santander’s generous gift to the Lauder Institute, we are able to organize an annual workshop and conference on a topic of global significance known as the Globalization Trendlab. Last year’sRead More

Video: Mauro Guillen talks about his Lauder INTS 721 class (International Political Economy of Business Environments)

Mauro Guillen, Lauder’s Director and recipient of the Aspen Institute’s 2013 Faculty Pioneer Award, talks about his Lauder INTS 721 class (International Political Economy of Business Environments). This class is one of two core classes all first-year Lauder students take. We welcome prospective Lauder applicants to Professor Guillen’s class everyRead More

Aspen Institute honors Lauder Director Mauro Guillen

We are thrilled to announce that Lauder Director Mauro Guillen has been honored with the Aspen Institute’s 2013 Faculty Pioneer Awards from the Aspen Institute’s Business and Society Program for their demonstrated leadership and risk-taking in integrating complex business and society issues into their teaching. Read more here: