Student Research on Cyber Crime Published on ParisTech Review

Every year Lauder students conduct research and interviews in order to write a short article on a business, economic, cultural, or political topic related to their summer immersion site. These articles present new perspectives on some of the latest developments in the global economy, and are published annually by KnowledgeRead More

2014 Lauder Africa Report

Every year many students join the Lauder Institute, across our ten academic programs, with an interest in Africa. From students who aspire to work in the region to those who just want to learn more about this rapidly changing economic frontier, the Lauder Institute offers programs and activities to helpRead More

Student Post – From Lauder to the Traveler’s Century Club with Ajay Anand (WG/Lauder ’13)

By Ajay Anand (Lauder/WG ’13 and member of Lauder’s first Hindi program) It was 2011.  Five of us stared at each other around a small table in Lauder-Fischer Hall on a sunny May morning, each carrying twenty percent of the hopes and dreams of Lauder’s newly minted Hindi track. Little didRead More

Lauder’s thriving partnership with Santander

The Lauder Institute’s partnership with Santander, one of the largest banks in the world, dates back to 2010. Thanks to Santander’s generous gift to the Lauder Institute, we are able to organize an annual workshop and conference on a topic of global significance known as the Globalization Trendlab. Last year’sRead More

Student Post – Commercial Space Tourism GKL

By Katie Littlefield (Lauder/WG ’14 and member of Lauder’s Chinese program) Hi everyone! To share a little about Global Knowledge Lab, the GKL is a team-based capstone research project for the Lauder MA International Studies degree. Starting around February of your first year, you start forming teams of 4-6 students, pickingRead More

Guest Blogger Venkatesh Saha on his experience in Kenya

Justin Knapp (Lauder Chinese ‘14) and I arrived in Nairobi on Sunday to begin research on our GKL projects. Justin is trying to understand the dairy sector in Kenya and see how government and cultural factors are influencing the sector. I am looking at the historical and contemporary trade relationshipsRead More