Greetings from the Peru and Updates from our Spanish Program

Greetings from Peru, where the only thing tastier than the ceviche is the pisco! The Lauder Spanish track has been loving life in Lima, learning about the country’s culture, economy, and sociopolitical landscape. After taking language and culture classes every morning at the Universidad del Pacífico in the Miraflores neighborhoodRead More

Lauder students from the Spanish Program traveled from Cusco to Puno

“Lauder students from the Spanish Program traveled from Cusco to Puno, visiting archaeological sites and small Andean towns during the six day cultural excursion.  We stopped to visit different attractions such as Machu Picchu, Andahuaylillas, Pukara, and La Raya towns, and we visited Lake Titicaca and its communities and also traveled via motorboat toRead More

Lauder alumnus Davis Smith’s reflections from his travels to North Korea

Davis Smith (Lauder Class of 2011, Spanish) traveled to North Korea as a Lauder student to conduct interviews with foreign entrepreneurs on their experiences living and starting businesses in North Korea for his Global Knowledge Lab paper titled Entrepreneurs Born or Made, and Their Impact on the Developing World. He also pointedRead More